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Year 1 SATs

What is the phonics screening check in Year 1?

The phonics screening check is a short, light-touch assessment to confirm whether individual children have securely learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. The checks consist of 40 words and non-words that your child will be asked to read one-on-one with their teacher.

It will identify the children who need to continue to receive support in learning to decode words.

The assessment is delivered in a very child friendly format.

Year 2 SATs

At the end of Key Stage 1 children are assessed on their progress and attainment in the Key Stage 1 Curriculum. These assessments are based on Teacher Assessment, although there are test papers in Mathematics, Reading and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling. These may be used to inform and support the teacher's assessment of the child's attainment in these areas. Test papers are used as a part of normal classroom work and are delivered in a very non-threatening, child-friendly style. Writing will be solely teacher assessment. Below is a parent guide to the 2017 SATs. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Parent Guide 2017


The SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) will soon be here, but what exactly do our Year 6 pupils have to do?

Well, to help explain what will happen I've put together a summary of the key information, plus some materials that you may find helpful.

Have a look at the documents below which give examples of the types of skills your children will be demonstrating in the tests.

Parent Guide 2017