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RE - Our Special Family Meal Experience

Having studied the Jewish Passover Seder Meal, we devised our own special meals, which would have significance for our own families as regards the signs, symbols and ceremonies we included. We then invited parents to be part of our re-enactments where our plans came to life with a real meal. We have included a photo gallery and two youtube clips of a Passover Seder meal and the Jewish story to show where our inspiration came from.


How to Host a Passover Seder

How to Celebrate Jewish Holidays videos: A seder is a ceremonial dinner service usually observed on the first or first and second nights of the Jewish holiday Passover.

The Passover Story for Seder

This is the story of the first Passover from Exodus 1-12 and can be used during this portion of the Seder meal when the Passover story is read.