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QEGS Year 5 Maths Workshop

Year 5s enjoyed a fabulous maths workshop at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Horncastle in March. We worked with Mrs Robinson from the maths department explored fractals, found in nature and in art, and then used our measuring skills to produce repeating triangular patterns and fractal staircases.

Then things got even more exciting when we went to the drama studio to create some giant tetrahedron models using sticks and rubber bands. 

Look at the photo gallery to see us in action.

We learned huge amounts about patterns, visualisation of shapes and algebra, and Dougie was pleased to be able to put his new-found skills with rubber bands to help tie his sister Poppy's hair into a ponytail! 

We have enjoyed teaching Year 6 all about fractals and seeing if they could make tetrahedrons with as much skill and precision as we did!

Have a look at the second photo gallery below to see if they could!