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PGL Residential Memories, 2017

Otters Class have had an amazing time at the PGL Centre at Caythorpe Court near Grantham! We have climbed, jumped, leapt, slid, sang and tumbled our way around a huge range of activities including:

High Ropes;

Climbing Wall;


'Capture the Flag!';

Giant Swing;

Challenge Course;


Zip Wire;



We pushed ourselves to our limits, encouraged each other to have a go and often surprised ourselves at how much we can do when we are really determined.

Here are some of our highlights and recollections:

Sienna: I am proud that I achieved so well on the High Ropes and the Giant Swing!

Ethan: I liked the high ropes and would like to thank Morgan and Will for looking after me and making up stories about my teddy Fuzzy to help me get to sleep.

Robyn: I am proud that I completed the Giant Swing - it was awesome!

Mrs Hartley: I am totally in awe of what the children have achieved, not only in participating in all the activities but also the way they 'carried' themselves throughout the stay - what a great group!

Hattie: I enjoyed the trapeze and going up the climbing wall and ringing the bell at the top.

Morgan: I enjoyed the high ropes and the zip wire.

William: I enjoyed the high ropes because I got round it quite quickly.

Mrs Noon: I had a great time at PGL and the children were a credit to Scamblesby.

Freddie: My favourite activity was the Zip Wire because it was really fun.

Douglas: My favourite activity was High Ropes.

Tyler: My biggest achievement was the Trapeze.

Morgan: I am proud of how well I did on the Zip Wire and Challenge Course.

Harry: I really enjoyed the Challenge Course.

Mr Luff: I enjoyed taking such a well-behaved and enthusiastic group away - everyone supported each other and achieved so much! I will never forget the feeling when Sienna pulled the ripcord on the Giant Swing and she and I went hurtling through the air - I was terrified!

Charlotte: My biggest challenge was the High Ropes.

Evie: My favourite part of the trip was Giant Swing and High Ropes.

Liv: I loved the High Ropes.

Sharnia: My favourite part was the Giant Swing.

Charlie: I loved the Trapeze and the Giant Swing.

Dougie: I agree with Charlie and I also liked High Ropes and I'm much better with heights now.


Here is a map and a Powerpoint to show where the activities were and provide links to PGL photos and videos.

Then see if you can match the photos of us in action to the appropriate locations on the map!

For a bit of extra drama, play the music theme at the same time as you watch the photo gallery!

Indiana Jones Theme Song [HD].mp3