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Our Music!



The Scamblesby Animal Song


Scamblesby Primary School Choir, which contains children from all year groups, loved the song 'If I Were a Butterfly' so much that they decided to write their own version. They asked the school for 12 animals they would like to be included, and then the magic happened...

Here it is in all it's glory!

If you would like to see the full, illustrated version, click on the link below.


The Scamblesby Animal Song

© Scamblesby School Choir, February 2017

If I were a slithering snake, I’d slither all day to stay awake,

And if I were a sleepy sloth, I’d hang on my branch and never fall off,

And if I were a hungry cow, I’d stand in a field and eat right now,

But I just thank you Father, for making me... me!


For you gave me a heart and you gave me a smile

You gave me Jesus and you made me your child

And I just thank you Father for making me... me!


If I were a new-born pup, I’d roll around with my belly up,

And if I were a pussy cat, I’d curl up on my cosy mat,

And if I were a muddy pig, I’d go to a field and there I’d dig,

But I just thank you Father, for making me... me!


If I were an Orca whale, I’d splash in the waves and wiggle my tail,

And if I were a tiger cub, I’d roar and want a belly rub

And if I were a lion on the plain, I’d laze around and admire my mane

But I just thank you Father, for making me... me!


If I were a dinosaur, I’d frighten you with my scary roar,

And if I were a cheetah so quick, I’d dash here and there in just a tick,

And if I were a monkey in a tree, I’d chitter and chatter – my friends and me,

But I just thank you Father, for making me... me!

Scamblesby Primary School's Assembly Playlists.

What do Mozart, The Smiths, Elton John and Johnny Cash have in common? Well, you'll find them all here, along with many, many more, in our assembly playlists! We love music at Scamblesby Primary School! Look below to see what wonderful music our school community has chosen to listen to in assembly and collective worship over the last few weeks.

We guarantee that there will be something for everyone! Any surprises? Any suggestions?


Mrs Noon


‘Winter’, from ‘The Four Seasons by Vivaldi

‘Nessum Dorma’, by Pavarotti

Mrs Blackwell


‘Charge’, from ‘The Armed Man, by Karl Jenkins

‘Walking on Sunshine’, by Katrina and the Waves

Mr Mason


‘Driving In My Car’, by Madness

‘Book of Brilliant Things’, by Simple Minds

Mrs Green


‘Orinoco Flow’, by Enya

‘Your Song’, by Elton John

Mrs Tacey


‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, by The Killers

‘N17’, by The Saw Doctors

Miss Neal


‘Keep Your Head Up’, by Ben Howard


‘We Go Together’, from Grease

Mrs Jones



Revd Marty


‘Brandenburg Concerto No.4’, by Bach

Mrs Hall


‘Forever In Love’, by Kenny G

‘That Man’, by Caro Emerald

Mr Pearce


‘Shadoogie’, by The Shadows

‘Over The Rainbow’, by Eva Cassidy

Mrs Hartley


‘Proud’, by Heather Small

‘Groovin’’, by UB40

Mrs Phillips


‘Tapestry’, by Carole King

Miss Saunby


‘Ode to Joy, by Beethoven

‘Sleigh Ride’, by Mozart

Revd Ford


‘Help!’, by The Beatles

Mrs Houlden


‘Skinny Love’, by Bon Iver

‘Ho Hey’, by The Lumineers

Mr Pearson


‘Blue Monday’, by New Order

‘What Difference Does It Make?’, by The Smiths

Mr Circio


‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’, by The Verve

Mr Luff


‘Space Oddity’, by David Bowie

‘In My Life’, by Johnny Cash

Prehistoric Animal Brigade

We have loved learning this song - so much so that Class 1 wrote two extra verses, complete with amazing actions. Here is the version that we based it on! According to youtube it 'must be sung loud and raucously, with not too much attention to correctness of lyrics.'
That's just as well....
Mr Luff

The Prehistoric Animal Brigade - Scamblesby Style!!!

David Bowie - The Laughing Gnome

We have enjoyed singing along with one of David Bowie's songs. It may not be his best, and it may be full of terrible jokes, but we had fun anyway!

All Things Bright and Beautiful - Revd Ford asked us to write an extra verse to 'Scamblesize' this lovely hymn. Class One got a bit carried away and wrote TWO extra verses! Can you spot them? Have a go at singing it!

We have rewritten our own rewrite of 'All Things Bright and Beautiful'! Since we have renamed our classes and Miss Durrant has joined our school we wanted to write a song which included all of us. What do you think?


All Things Bright and Beautiful – Scamblesby Primary School version

All things bright and beautiful,
all creatures great and small,
all things wise and wonderful,
the Lord God made them all.


The gentle rolling hillsides,

The lovely crops and flowers,

Scamblesby is the place to be

In sunshine and in showers.


Our school is very special

Full of laughter and of joy.

The children are all smiling

Every girl and every boy!


Mrs Tacey leads our school

She cares for everyone

We wrote these words to share with you

We hope you like our song.


Mrs Noon looks after the Butterflies

As they start to learn and grow

They love to draw and they love to play

And there’s so much that they know.


Next to come are the Hedgehogs

Miss Durrant looks after them well,

She makes them feel safe and secure

Look at their faces – you can tell!


Badgers are taught by Miss Neal

She works them hard every day

From 9 o’clock to 3:15

They learn lots as they play.


The oldest class is the Otters

The children have lots to say

Mr Luff is kind and friendly

He teaches maths every day.

The Scamblesby Way! We have written our own school anthem - which is set to the music of 'Give Me Oil In My Lamp'. We love singing it, particularly when we point at someone of our choice in the last verse!

Scamblesby Song Writers!


We not only love singing at Scamblesby Primary School, we also have some great song writers!


Harley has written some verses for a song (to the tune of 'Give me Oil in my Lamp')  and we then added a chorus to celebrate his success. Have a go at singing along!


Harley is a Young Composer


Harley is a young composer

Making music when he’s home from school 

One day he had a brain wave

Matching music to words so cool.


Go on Harley!

Good one Harley!

Aiming high – you’ll be a star one day!

Go on Harley!

Good one Harley!

Writing music for us all to sing.


‘Tomorrow will be a good one

Helping others to learn and play.

Doing English and maths every morning

Lending a helping hand every day.’


They’re the words to his masterpiece

Matched to music pitched from low to high.

Getting rhythms to work and words to rhyme

Can be lots of fun – give it a try!


Freddie has written a beautiful song called 'That's What Friends Are To Me', which we love singing at school.

Here are the words for his mini-masterpiece.


That’s What Friends Are To Me


They don’t leave you behind

And they are always kind

They play with you when you don’t know what to do

They will never let you down.


Fantastic, respectful, inspirational

That’s what makes a friend.

Enjoyable to play with, nurturing, bringing delight

That’s what makes a friend.


The world would be a poorer place

Without you in it with me.

Thank you for your love and for being there

Thank you for being you!

'The Seasons Change', by Evie

Evie worked really hard to come up with a real tongue-twister of a song, which is really tricky to sing! Thank goodness that the chorus is easy! Here are her lyrics.


The Seasons Change


Spring is on its way - it’s really great when things start turning green

New life all around us as the warm breeze gently blows.

Lambs are playing in the fields and daffodils are gold and tall

Trees are growing fuller and new life starts to show.


Look now, the seasons are a-changing,

Look now, the year is passing by.

From spring right through to summer, autumn then to winter

Through the year we travel, join us in our song.


Summer is the time when we can get on the beach and have some fun

Castles made of sand and splashing happily in the sea.

Barbeques with family and evening bike rides with my friends

Remind me that my life is good and it’s brilliant being me!


The autumn leaves start falling when the nights start drawing in a bit

Brown and red and yellow fluttering towards the ground.

It starts to rain but I don’t mind – the trees and flowers need a drink

At Bonfire Night we light a fire and family gather round.


The winter wind is blowing, it’s so cold it makes our fingers freeze

It makes me shiver shiver from my head down to my knees.

But even though I’m freezing I’m not scared of what the winter brings,

It brings me snowmen, Christmas fun and carols that we sing

We Live in a Beautiful World!


Cameron has written a fabulous song which we have all enjoyed learning. Thank you to Coldplay for 'lending' us a line or two in the middle of the song!


We Live in a Beautiful World!

by Cameron Ellis


Look at the moon that comes out at night.

Look at the shiny stars and in the day the sun shines bright.

Sometimes it rains – look at the river

Doesn’t it look so nice?

Sometimes the sun shines – look at the blue sky

Doesn’t it look so nice?


Look all around you, isn’t the world great?

We live in a beautiful world!

Look all around you, doesn’t life feel great?

We live in a beautiful world!


Look at the stars, see how they shine for you and all the things you do...


Look all around you, isn’t the world great?

We live in a beautiful world!

Look all around you, doesn’t life feel great?

We live in a beautiful world!

Song Writing Competition!

Helena from Class One has written some lyrics for a story song called 'In The Sea'.

Can you think of a tune we can set it to?

You may need to play around with the words a little to make it fit.

If you can, come and talk to Mr Luff and we can see if we can work together to turn her ideas into a song which we can all sing together.

Good luck!

In The Sea

In the sea there was a stingray.

He was lying on the seabed.

The stingray was swimming, then he saw a palace.

He went in the palace and he had a meal.

The meal was good and then he had to go home

When he got home he played a game.



The stingray can do lots of tricks.

The tricks are funny.

When he does the funniest one he laughs.


In the morning after he went downstairs,

 finding his little baby stingray playing a palace game.

Then he went to the palace again where he was given some jewels.

The jewels were shiny and bright.

That palace is an old palace.




The next morning he went outside,

 swimming through seaweed and swimming with fish.

The fish saw a mermaid. The mermaid asked if they would like to come to the palace.




The palace was another nice palace. They asked if he would like to play their game.

And when he played the game it was fun. He had dinner with the king in the palace.


By Helena

Graphic Scores - when music comes alive!

"Thunderstorm" a graphic notation composition

We enjoyed studying this graphic score in music. Can you believe it was created by a 12 year old? Amazing! Can you make one yourself? Have a go!
Key: Blue triangles: triangle (rain) Red cirlces: xylophone (rain) Yellow ovals: cymbal hit (lightning) Green rectangles: thunder can (thunder) Spirals: timpani drum roll (thunder) Brown 'dip': swanee whistle (tree falling) Black 'hills': voice whistle (wind) Face and 'tsssss': voice scream and hiss (person getting struck by lightning and burning) Pitch rises as you move from the centre of the circle to the outside.

Bach, Brandenburg Concerto 4, 1st mvt., Bach Collegium Japan

J. S. Bach's fourth Brandenburg Concerto, accompanied by a graphical score.
Revd Marty introduced us to this piece of music, and we loved analysing the graphic score to see how the different instruments weave together. Our eyes went a bit funny once we'd seen this one!

Rossini, William Tell (Overture), Animated Graphical Score

The Overture of Rossini's last opera, William Tell, with an animated graphical score. This is one of Mr Luff's favourite pieces of music because it is so dramatic! What do you think?