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Otters' PGL Adventure!

Otters Class had an amazing time at PGL at Caythorpe Court near Grantham.

We hope you enjoy our photo gallery which shows what we got up to!

Be warned - there are a lot of photos - over 240!

Mrs Hartley, Mrs Noon and Mr Luff are really proud of all the children for testing themselves in unfamiliar experiences, setting themselves personal challenges and working as a team to ensure success! We chose a wide range of activities which ensured that everyone had the chance to shine, whether it was high in the air (High Ropes, Zip Wire and Trapeze), underground (Tunnel Trail), developing our co-ordination and focus (Aeroball and Rifle Shooting) or working as a team in problem-solving activities (Challenge Course, Ambush and Buggy Building) - everyone found their area of expertise and was keen to encourage their friends to do their best.

frownno We would like to thank you for making PGL 2019 a great adventure and we hope that you will hold the memories dear for a long time to come. smileyno

Our Personal Memories:

"I really enjoyed PGL with the adventures and challenges it presented us with. I'm glad I managed to do the high activities because I didn't think I would have been able to." - Ben

"PGL was an incredible experience and it helped us all discover things about ourselves and our friends." - Eli

"PGL has taught me about other people's abilities and strengths as well as my own." - Georgie

"I had fun and discovered how lively Kai can be!" - Cameron

"I really enjoyed my experience at PGL and my three favourite things were: trapeze, high-ropes and Ambush. I hope I can go again soon." - Max

"I have had a very good time and faced my fears." - Kai

"PGL was amazing! I loved every second of it and my favourite activity was the high-ropes." - Elise

"PGL was an amazing experience and one of my favourite activities was the Tunnel Trail." - Oakley

"PGL was a really fun time - I challenged myself and my favourite activity was the high-ropes." - Poppy

"I had a lot of fun at PGL and I discovered new things about people that I didn't know before." - Charlie

"PGL was a really great experience - I had a really fun time. I pushed myself to my limits and got stuck into everything." - Emma

"PGL was fun. I really hope to go again." - Ronnie

"I really enjoyed PGL! My favourite activity was the trapeze and it was a challenge to get to the top and jump off." - Oliver

"I loved PGL. My favourite activity was the trapeze. Oh yes, the food was really good too!" - Harley

"PGL was a great experience - the food was brilliant and my favourite activity was the high-ropes." - Brayden

"PGL was the best experience of my life and my favourite activity was high-ropes. I would love to go again>" - Kit

"I loved PGL. It was an amazing experience! I can't believe I got so high on the trapeze and my favourite activity was the zip-wire." - Katie

"I really enjoyed doing Tunnel Trail and finding my way out!" - Theo


Note from Mr Luff: to enjoy looking at the photos with a soundtrack, here are two that you might want to play in the background while looking at the gallery!  

♥ Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini.mp3

Indiana Jones Theme Song [HD].mp3