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Otters Class Trip to Horncastle Workhouse

Otters Class have been studying the History of the Horncastle Workhouse.

We visited the Victorian building, identifying features that still remain from when it was the Workhouse and then a Children's Home. We then conducted some research in the Trinity Centre graveyard and visited the site of the original Georgian Workhouse in St Mary's churchyard. It was a very unusual trip which made us feel quite sad, but hopefully made us realise how fortunate we are.

After our trip, we invited a local historian, Sheila Jonkers, to our classroom where we shared our research, discussed what we had discovered and even shared in a 'Workhouse meal' - gruel and stale bread!

We hope you enjoy browsing through our photo gallery and that you might feel inspired to do some research of your own!



  • “I didn’t expect the Workhouse to be so gigantic and I enjoyed the photo treasure hunt.” – Oden

  • “Dear Jeanette, Thank you for letting us come into the Workhouse. I enjoyed it so much. I learned lots about the Workhouse and the people who used to live there. I enjoyed the part where we were allowed to sketch part of the area while leaning on a tree. I hope to see you again.” - Cameron

  • “It was weird walking where some of my ancestors walked when it was a Children’s Home.” – Kai

  • “I really enjoyed the trip and thank you for organising it Jeanette and Mum! I really liked going into the Workhouse and doing the photo treasure hunt.” – Harley

  • “I loved the trip to the Workhouse and thank you for taking time off your work to lead it. I learned that most of the building has evolved over time.” – Oliver

  • “Dear Jeanette and Hayley and all the other people who sorted our trip out, thank you for taking time out of your busy days to support us. I really enjoyed the trip although I was a bit disappointed that we couldn’t go to the top floor. That didn’t get in the way however, of the astonishing background to the buildings. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I saw the ghost – I’m sure I would have been petrified! Thank you so much!” - Ben

  • “Thank you for taking the time off to show us around to help us with our History topic. I really enjoyed seeing how small the stair banisters were in real-life.” – Charlie

  • “I liked our trip! I really enjoyed when we looked at the rooms in the Workhouse and I imagined what the rooms looked like in olden days.” – Roxy

  • “I learned that boys and girls were separated when they ate. Thank you for the amazing trip.” – Kit

  • “Dear Jeanette and Mrs Grant, Thank you very much for granting us permission to visit the Social Services Building – I really enjoyed it! Imagining people who were stepping on the same floor as us, but years and years ago was very interesting and a little bit creepy. I especially liked the room with the blackboard; I wonder who the last person to write on it was. Thanks again!” - Eli

  • “Dear Jeanette and Mrs Grant, I really enjoyed looking at the old dining room because it was really creepy. Thank you so much!” – Oakley

  • “Thank you for taking time off work to organise such a good trip. I really enjoyed it when we went into the college grounds and saw the site of the Observatory where the children looked at the stars.” – Brayden

  • “Dear Jeanette, Thank you for letting us in the building. I’m really happy that we were allowed to go up the stairs. I enjoyed walking around the Workhouse – it had lots of history. I enjoyed all of it.” – Theo

  • “Dear Jeanette, I really loved our trip – it was amazing! Visiting the Workhouse felt like I was going there as a beggar I want to say a big thank you for letting us visit some of the old rooms – they were so cool. I had no idea that the sink would be so small!” - Emma

  • “Thank you so much for letting us visit the Workhouse. I really enjoyed doing the sketches.” – Max

  • “Dear Jeanette, I loved our trip! I loved seeing all the things inside and outside. I learned where things might have been. Thank you so much. Also, going up the stairs and smelling the rooms was cool. I liked all the history you told us about the Workhouse. Doing the photo treasure hunt was fun and I loved everything about the visit. I was a bit creeped out by the sooty handprint by the fireplace and seeing the small sink from the Workhouse was amazing. Thanks again!” - Katie

  • “I really enjoyed going around the rooms and imagining the conversations that might have happened in the Workhouse. I also liked walking around outside and seeing the haunted window.” – Elise

  • “Dear Jeanette, Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to show what the Workhouse contained. I really enjoyed the low stair banister.” – Ronnie

  • “Dear Jeanette, Thank you for the tour of the Workhouse history. I learned lots of information such as where the original arch was built. We are very honoured to have been given your permission to explore the Workhouse.” – Poppy

  • “Dear Jeanette, Thank you so much for letting us walk around the Workhouse and helping us imagine what it must have been like to live and work there. I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot, like that the children would sleep upstairs but were not treated very well a lot of the time. If I got the chance to go back, I would love to. I found the low banister really interesting and I thought that it was a bit creepy. I didn’t like the fact that married couples and families were separated and only got to see each other on Sundays.” - Georgie