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Otters' Church Building Project

In Otters Class have been exploring our own beliefs and ideas about God, culminating in designing a church that 'our God' could be worshipped in. We shared our models with the school and community in Celebration Assembly in St Martin's Church and have made a display of them in the church for the congregation to enjoy.

As part of the display, we wrote synopses of our ideas and reasons for the details of the designs.

I have created a god and his name is Jazz. Followers of his religion are called Jazzies and they believe he sits on the top of the church watching you to check that you are not committing bad sins.

His symbol is a star with the letter J in it. If you look inside the church, you can see a statue of a star. The church is very small and can only fit 20 people in it at a time.

The feature I am proudest of is the roses around the front door. It was really hard to make the roof but we really enjoyed making our model – we hope you like it!

By Ronnie (and Harley and Poppy)



My church is called the Cloud Church and I made the model with Oden and Max. Inside it we have a wishing waterfall, red beanbags, a prayer window and a magical star. Can you see how we have used cotton wool for the cloud effect? We have also put a rainbow above the clouds. We have also included bushes and little trees. The hardest thing to make was probably attaching the two boxes together. We hope you like looking at our model!

By Roxy (and Oden and Max)



We had great fun designing and creating our church. It was an ambitious project because it doesn’t look like the groups’ ideas because it isn’t made of a shoebox and is very fragile. We have included special features like the Meditation Area, the Sin Slide, the Comfort Zone and the Prayer Place. We used pipe-cleaners to create the branches of the trees. Our favourite feature is the slide and our little person sliding down it – the Sin Slide washes away all our sins, like the font does in baptism.

By Elise (and Katie)



I had a really fun time designing and building my church with help of Ben and Brayden. We used papier-mâché to create a watery effect. The church is hollowed out of the rock and goes right under the sea and into the second cliff. The rope bridge is used to get to the church and was very difficult to make. Look out for the red door on the left hand side which leads into the cliff. We hope you like it!

By Kai (and Ben and Brayden)



We had great fun making our model and are really pleased with how it turned out! We worked well as a team, but the structure of it was quite difficult and we had to work hard to connect it all together. Our favourite features are the chandelier and the waterfalls down the side. If we were to do the project again, we would want to change the colour of the church to silver, because that was what I wanted in my original plan.

By Emma (and Eli and Georgie)

We really enjoyed making our model of my ideas for a church. It is dug into the hill and we used real stones and foliage to make it look natural. There is a tunnel in it and in the tunnel is a man called Jeffrey who works in the church. He checks that you are being respectful and holy. The sides of the tunnel contain pictures and stained glass windows. Inside the church is the Pool of Peace and the Never-ending Flame to represent God.

By Kit (and Charlie, Oakley and Oliver)