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The Scamblesby Song

Otters Class have written a new school song, entitled, rather imaginatively, 'The Scamblesby Song'! The song includes references to our school values and it is a real treat to hear our children singing it so beautifully!

Here are the words to our masterpiece:

The Scamblesby Song

Scamblesby is a village in the Wolds,

Scamblesby is full of trees and pretty flowers.

Scamblesby is the school that we belong to,

Scamblesby is where we learn and work and play.


And I look, and I see the world around me,

And I feel the magic in the air.

And I hear the wind blows through the treetops,

And I think of all the wonders everywhere.


Scamblesby is full of kindness, trust and wisdom,

Scamblesby – where we all try really hard!

Scamblesby – where we treat each other fairly,

Scamblesby is where we respect everyone.


Scamblesby – life-long friendships can be made here

Scamblesby, where we learn to be ourselves.

Scamblesby, where our journey has just started,

Scamblesby will be forever in our hearts.


© Otters Class September 2019