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Dinosaur Detectives!

Our class has some daring Dinosaur Detectives who have undertaken a very important mission - to find answers for Class Three all about dinosaurs. They will stop at nothing to discover a whole range of information, to measure their lengths, explore where they lived, what they ate, what might have killed them and a whole lot more.

Here are the questions they need to answer to complete their mission:


Asked by...

How many bones did dinosaurs have?


Tell us about dinosaurs’ senses!


How do herbivore dinosaurs get the leaves off trees?


What’s the difference between the 3 different eras?

Mrs Houlden

Which dinosaur lived for the longest?


How good is a dinosaur’s eyesight?


How many types of dinosaur have been discovered?


Which dinosaurs have evolved into present day animals?


Which dinosaurs are herbivores?

Morgan J

How long did the ‘dinosaur’ period last? How long ago was it?


Draw pictures of baby Pigosauruses and Plantosauruses!


Which was the fastest dinosaur?


Did the Pigosaurus have any babies and if so, how many?

Morgan L

How big is a Stegosaurus’ brain? How does it compare with a T Rex’s brain?


Tell us what you know about aquatic dinosaurs?


Can you do an impression of some dinosaurs?

Mr Luff

Which was the first species of dinosaur?


What is the slowest dinosaur?


Which dinosaurs attack others from the same species?


How much does a Plantosaurus eat in a day?



Our class detectives have been busy, in and out of the classroom at becoming experts.

They have used this sheet to help them get better at maths! (excuse the American spelling!)

Dinosaur Poetry!

The Dinosaur Detectives have recruited Olivia, Sophie, Hattie and Evie to write an acrostic poem about their fictional dinosaurs - Plantosaurus and Pigosaurus.




Purple-headed Plantosaurus is a happy, smiley dinosaur!

Long tail swishing, making a strong breeze.
At dawn they yawn - wide enough to swallow the moon.

Never eats Shredded Wheat!
Twenty metres long - he's longer than a school bus.
Oldest dinosaur to have ever lived!
Searching across the forest, looking for some pine cones to chew on.
A scaly skin keeps Plantosaurus safe from the summer sun.

Unusually, he has four big stomachs.

Roaring like a terrifying tiger.

Under the sea they like to swim and dive for pearls.

Sleepy-time - curl up on your bed of leaves, goodnight Plantosaurus...




Plenty of vegetables for the Pigosaurus to eat.
In China, a million years ago, there lived a million Pigosauruses.
Godzilla-like legs thundered through the undergrowth.
Old as time itself...
Spikes on his tail acted like a weapon.
Ancestor of the pig - oink oink!!!
Unless provoked, they were very peaceful creatures.
Roller-coaster sized, and they rumbled like a tractor.
Under the ground he went to bed in a warm cosy cave.
Spent most of his life eating cabbage!



Picture 1

Skye has written a song to keep our Dinosaur Detectives entertained. We think it's brilliant!

Ten Crazy Dinosaurs

Ten Crazy Dinosaurs running to the line,

One fell over, and then there were nine.


Nine crazy dinosaurs, waiting for their date

one got ran over, and then there were eight.


Eight crazy dinosaurs, on holiday in Devon

One got kidnapped, and then there were seven.


Seven crazy dinosaurs, playing with some bricks

One got squashed, and then there were six.


Six crazy dinosaurs, messing with a hive

One got stung, and then there were five.


Five crazy dinosaurs, swinging on the door

One fell off, and then there were four.


Four crazy dinosaurs, drinking some hot tea,

One fell in, and then there were three.


Three crazy dinosaurs, messing with some glue,

One got stuck, and then there were two.


Two crazy dinosaurs, missing those who'd gone

One went home, and then there was one.


One crazy dinosaur, acting like the hero

He got sent away, and then there were zero.



The Dino Rumble!

Olivia and Sophie taught our Dinosaur Detectives their Dino Rumble.

Have a go at singing it yourselves!

Dino Rumble

The Plantosaurs is very strong,

The Pigosaurus is very, very long.

Come and join the dino rumble,

Coz’ everybody’s in the dinosaurs rumble.


     Rar, Rar, Rumble, Rumble, Rumble,

     Rar, Rar, in the jungle, jungle.

     Come and join the dino rumble,

     Coz everybody’s in the dino jungle.


The Adonomous struts his stuff,   

The Centosaurus dances with Mr Luff.

Come and join the dino rumble,

Coz’ everybody’s in the dinosaurs jungle.


    Rar, Rar, Rumble, Rumble, Rumble,

    Rar, Rar, in the jungle, jungle.

   Come and join the dino rumble,

   Coz’ everybody’s in the dinosaurs jungle.


Here are some photos of our Dinosaur Detectives hard at work!
Our detectives enjoyed watching parts of this documentary to understand just how big some dinosaurs were.

BBC - Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur (2016)

The story of how more than 220 dinosaur bones were found in the Argentinean desert, which were found to have come from a previously undiscovered species, which is the largest land dwelling animal known to have existed.

Dinosaurs Online! - what will you find out?