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BBMF / Metheringham Airfield Centre Visit

On Wednesday 2nd March our whole school visited The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight near Coningsby and Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre. We looked at five different aeroplanes - Lancaster, Dakota, Spitfire, Hurricane and Chipmunk, and we became wartime detectives, identifying artefacts and exploring first-hand evidence. We took part in a very realistic air raid and had to hide in an air raid shelter, and we are going to design a squadron badge. It was a really super day and we learned so much!



The children in our school are divided into three houses - Lancasters, Hurricanes and Spitfires. Spitfires got together to design, make and test paper aeroplanes. We had great fun, and there were a few surprises along the way!

Sophie and Ronnie won for the best design, Ethan won for the best stunts and Millie won the competition for the aeroplane that flew the furthest. Well done to all of you!

Here are the results of the distance test:

Poppy - 4.3m

Ronnie - 4.7m

Brayden - 3.05m

Olivia - 3.4m

Oliver - 2.6m

Cameron - 2.1m

Sharnia - 4.2m

Henry - 3.6m

Dougie - 3.4m

Sophie - 3.8m

William - 3.5m

Millie - 6.9m - 1st place!!!

Eli - 3.6m

Alfie - 5.15m - 3rd place!!!

Oscar - 4.4m

Alix - 2m

Josh - 3.9m

Frankie - 3.1m

Ethan - 5.6m - 2nd place!!!

Here is the certificate that Sophie, Ronnie, Ethan and Millie won.

Lancaster Artists - we enjoyed using watercolours to paint amazing pictures of the Lancaster. We hope you like them!

Hurricane Artists- we enjoyed drawing and painting super pictures of a Hurricane. Do you like them?

These video clips give an idea of what we saw on our exciting trip.