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Africa Week

We have enjoyed a fabulous week learning all about Africa. We each focused on a different African country to create fact files, we labelled maps and researched the varied landscape of African countries. We were also very creative, making African masks, clay African statues, cooking South African cookies and creating African sunset silhouette images. We worked with Bemma who comes from Ghana, and she taught us West African dancing and some African art stencil techniques. Finally, we wrote and created our own African Puppet Shows which we performed to Butterflies Class and Hedgehogs class. All of that in one week - we're exhausted now!

Enjoy our photo gallery of our amazing experiences!

Charlotte, Sharnia, Sienna and Robyn wrote a fantastic puppet show with a great moral message. Here is their script - maybe you could have a go at acting it out!


The Adventures of Spinderella the Spider


CAST: Spinderella the Spider (Robyn), Monkey (Charlotte), Giraffe (Sienna), Elephant (Robyn), Tortoise (Sienna), Lion (Sharnia), Narrator (Charlotte)


NARRATOR: One hot sunny day in Africa, little Spinderella the Spider was feeling very sad, because nobody really had any time for her.

SPINDERELLA: I wish I was bigger because nobody seems to notice me. All the other animals in the forest are really big and lead such exciting lives. My life is so boring just making webs all day. I wish I had some friends.

NARRATOR: She went for a walk through the trees but try as she might, all her attempts to make friends failed.

(Tortoise enters...)

SPINDERELLA: Hey Tortoise, do you want to play?

TORTOISE: What was that? This forest is just too scary for me, it’s safer for me to just stay in my shell.

(Tortoise leaves, Monkey enters...)

SPINDERELLA: Hey Monkey, do you fancy hanging out for a bit?

MONKEY:  My hanging out beats your hanging out! I love swinging through the trees, eating bananas and having a good giggle with my mates. Don’t think you’ll fit in somehow!

(Monkey leaves, Lion enters...)

SPINDERELLA: Hello Lion, fancy spending the day together?

LION: Don’t you remember who I am? I’m the Lion King! I’m far too important to hang out with a little squirt like you. Rooooaaaarrrr!!!!

(Lion leaves, Elephant enters)

SPINDERELLA: Morning Elephant, any plans? Want to spend some time together?

ELEPHANT: I’m hanging out with all my elephant friends in the watering hole all day. We squirt mud and water at each other all day – it’s big boy stuff. You wouldn’t even last five seconds hanging out with my crew.

(Elephant leaves, Giraffe enters...)

SPINDERELLA: Hello Giraffe, please be my friend!

GIRAFFE: Nah, too busy eating leaves at the top of the trees. I’m far too busy to chat right now. Sorry!

(Giraffe leaves...)

NARRATOR: Poor Spinderella! She felt so alone. But she may have been lonely but she was also a very clever little spider. She came up with a special plan. The next day dawned and Tortoise, Monkey, Lion, Elephant and Giraffe all received a special invitation.

(All animals gather together and read the invitation...)

LION: ‘You are invited to a special forest race. There will be a special prize for the first to cross the finish line. Signed, Question Mark!’

GIRAFFE: What are we waiting for? Tortoise, you can have a headstart! On our marks, get set, GO!

(All animals run and cross the finish line at the same time. A giant spider web appears as they cross and they all get stuck in it.)

ELEPHANT: Wow, what is this? What an incredible net. I can’t move!

TORTOISE: This isn’t a net, this is a web.

MONKEY: But who on earth could spin a web as strong and as quickly as this one?

LION: I don’t believe it – Spinderella!

GIRAFFE: Spinderella, you may be small but you are seriously powerful. We misjudged you!

TORTOISE: Please forgive us! We were mean to you. Please can we be your friends?

ALL: We’re sorry!

SPINDERELLA: You’re forgiven! You can hang out with me tomorrow.

NARRATOR: And from that day on, all the animals in the African forest all got on together and respected each other. It doesn’t matter how small you are, everyone has a special gift. And let that be a lesson to you all!