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Welcome to the Parent Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA) page.


Scamblesby PTFA is open to everyone who wants to contribute to the education of the children at our school. In our small school, our aim is to raise money to buy equipment outside of regular school expenditure and help with transport costs for educational visits, whilst promoting activities that bring together the whole school community.


We do this through regular fundraising activities: at large events such as the Christmas Fair where last year we raised over £900; and at small events where we raise money selling home-made scones and refreshments, for example on Sports' Day.


Everyone is welcome to attend every meeting.  We encourage every parent any committee meetings held each term.  We have a formal committee of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary with other parents who commit to regularly attending meetings: we currently have three parents elected in the formal roles.


Chair - Lisa Eagles

Secretary - Hayley Grant

Treasurer - position vacant


We contact the PTFA through an email contact list and provide regular updates through letters from school and on the website. If you wish to be on the mailing list please email the Chair at




Scamblesby PTFA Update


We would like to start by welcoming all the new reception children to Scamblesby Primary School.  If any of their parents are interested in finding out a little more about the PTFA, please do not hesitate to speak to anyone on the committee: -


Lisa Eagles; Chair
Hayley Grant; Secretary
And, Gwendy Boston or Gudrun Sharpley who play active roles on the PTFA

The Reception Children thanked us for their new equipment.